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I'm back bitches!

2009-03-30 20:30:20 by kharne3000

And newgrounds has never changed! It's still full of a bunch of puerile kids who leave incoherent comments that would make a rhesus monkey cry. It's quite shameful that a lot of animations with good animation but with a shitty story are still being featured. That reflects a growing problem in the gaming industry: create a game with shitty gameplay and give it cutting edge graphics rendered with a bunch of superfluous garbage that nobody gives a shit about aside from some nerds who want to win an invisible pissing contest and you get positive reviews from a bunch of stupid kids who I refuse to call human.

Well done!

The gaming section isn't plagued with that garbage, at least not to the extent that the animation section is.


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2009-03-30 20:42:08

welcome back.

kharne3000 responds:

Just another useless user! (Me)


2009-03-30 21:20:23

no one cares bro

kharne3000 responds:

About you and your stupidity? Yes.


2009-03-30 21:29:39

*Incoherent comment*

kharne3000 responds:

Oh, you!