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Tom and Wade in bed.

2009-04-19 23:37:52 by kharne3000

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YOUR SPRITE MOVIES SUCK -- rant contained

2009-04-19 21:03:48 by kharne3000

I have to admit, sprite movies are awful. I think that they are uncreative and desultory. Keep in mind that I am not talking about sprite movies that were made from scratch. Rather, I am talking about the morons who rip their sprites. The animation is terrible and the story is worse than any generic fight scene a la DBZ.

Why don't you learn to draw your own stuff? Is it too hard to do it on your own? If you do not have the balls to animate with sweat and blood like the real animators on here do, than animation is not for you.

Here is some excellent commentary on the subject: 43/


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Somebody tried to defend the existence of sprite animations by saying that "they are a good starting point."


Hey, you know what's a better starting point? Drawing your own shit.

And no, it isn't a good starting point. It is a shitty starting point. Sprite Animations go against everything animation should be. They stymie the potential of the artist. As if sprite animators invented the tween.

There are a lot of awesome tutorials on this website for drawing, so why don't you go there and learn some real animation? lashtutorials

That's all I am going to say about the subject. >8(

I'm back bitches!

2009-03-30 20:30:20 by kharne3000

And newgrounds has never changed! It's still full of a bunch of puerile kids who leave incoherent comments that would make a rhesus monkey cry. It's quite shameful that a lot of animations with good animation but with a shitty story are still being featured. That reflects a growing problem in the gaming industry: create a game with shitty gameplay and give it cutting edge graphics rendered with a bunch of superfluous garbage that nobody gives a shit about aside from some nerds who want to win an invisible pissing contest and you get positive reviews from a bunch of stupid kids who I refuse to call human.

Well done!

The gaming section isn't plagued with that garbage, at least not to the extent that the animation section is.

Review was deleted...

2008-06-04 01:34:10 by kharne3000

It seems that my review for Drake and Josh Hentai was deleted. Here is the review:

Score: 10 / 10
Summary: Superb
Review: These KK movies are simply a work of pure genius. Smug idiots submit their dog shit flashes to newgrounds and it makes me yawn with their shallow content (created by shallow minds of course). These cartoons mock their shittiness by being shitty itself, but in a funny way. You cretins just don't understand what this super erudite group of mega minds stand for.

I don't see why that would warrant a deletion by a newgrounds administrator, but it certainly outrages ngers. People submit their junk to newgrounds and it seems that they, like everyone on the website, are washed up by the amazing graphics and flashy pictures. Don't get me wrong, graphics can really enhance a submission, but it seems that having amazing graphics is the only prerequisite for having a good animation.

This is not how should be. At its very soul, newgrounds is a place were people can submit amazing or hilarious animations that leave the viewer satisfied. Yes I have given 10s to "turd of the week" submissions, but they all made me laugh. That's the idea, animations are supposed to be funny! The problem is that most of the stuff on newgrounds is shitty enough to suck, but doesn't suck enough to be good.

Classic crappiness that makes me die of laughter.

Lazy Town Hentai Quiz was the most brilliant thing I've seen all week. Idiots went in and gave it a zero becasue, "there wasn't any hentai" or "I can't get it to play!" That's the idea!

The animation itself was funny. It had a song in the background that talked about, "Digging deep for Boxes", "A box that is full of precious booty" and "Locked away that is buried deep" along with a screechy girl voice. That alone is enough to merit a 10. If anyone doesn't get it, than I wonder how you can even breath, let alone review!

The picture alone is enough to get a few chuckles:

Review was deleted...